About Us
Experience the Diffrence

Solid Resources Service is a member of the Solid Resources Management Group and is a renowned cleaning services company in Penang Malaysia.

Servicing clients all over the Northern Region with care and dedication, it is no doubt that we gradually become the natural choice in the cleaning services industry.

At Solid Resources our professionalism and efficiency are the pillars that uphold the company at the highest level. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals execute all assignments with meticulous care.

We are always customer-oriented, providing convenience under the shortest delivery period with the lowest cost. It is our intention to offer a total cleaning solution by customizing a plan to fit your schedule and requirements, all within your budget.

From residences to commercial buildings to public areas, we would neither fail our client’s expectations nor perform below their appreciation. Albeit that high confidence our clients have in us, we continue to improve and strive to stay ahead of the industry.
Our Ideology


Solid Resources stresses the level of quality in our work. Each assignment is completed with meticulous care and impressive results.


Solid Resources strongly believes to achieve the highest of all recognitions as the top cleaning service company, quality should be matched with efficiency to form a synergy that makes us the best of the best.


We inspire to provide not only top quality but also complete convenience to our clients. Hence our aim to always offer comprehensive choices with great price.


We strive not only for excellence in our work delivery but also in providing the most competitive and affordable price for our clients from all walks of life.

Customer Oriented

Solid Resources thinks and sees like a consumer. We always put ourselves in your shoes to better understand your needs. Hence we offer what others do not customized packages, to fit your demands perfectly like a glove.

Ethics & Courtesy

Our employees are trained to hold tight to our code of ethics, and thus carry with them their manners and responsibilities to our valued clients wherever they go.

To evolve and expand into the cleaning services company with comprehensive tools and advanced machinery with a large group of manpower which is able to cater to all the challenging tasks in the ever-demanding cleaning industry.


To be the number one cleaning service company in Northern Peninsular providing reliable service and 100% satisfaction to all our clients big and small.


We commit to being the brand you can trust, to serve with passion, and to carry out tasks with devotion, with zero hassle and delay towards our valued clients.
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